About Us

Humanity Wealth Advisors is an independent advisory firm based in Newark, California, and founded by Harry Sherdil. After 20 years working in the financial industry, Harry realized that the people who needed the help of a financial advisor the most were not represented by Wall Street. So Harry set out to change the landscape of the financial advisory industry by creating wealth management services that could potentially help anyone improve their financial situation. Through education, professional advice, and a growing library of resources, Humanity Wealth Advisors’ goal is to give every person the opportunity to be financially successful.

We aim to be different in all the best ways.

At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we know that access to the right information/education can help change the trajectory of your financial future. We help you make more informed, personalized financial decisions as we have many resources you may need under one roof.

Our Vision: Humanity serving humanity.

Everyone should have access to sound financial advice. After twenty years of working in the finance industry, we realized just how underserved the general population was when it came to financial advice and education. Our vision for Humanity Wealth Advisors is to close the gap between the average person and the answers to their money questions, big or small.

Often, if you don’t have a large number of assets, most financial advisors won’t even set up a meeting with you. Humanity Wealth Advisors set out to create a different experience – one that allows you access to the professional resources, and educational material you need to pursue your money goals, no matter where you stand financially.

Our Story

A Different Perspective

Harry Sherdil moved to the U.S. in 1990 and started his career as a delivery driver. One night while delivering pizzas, a customer tipped him $5. Harry felt as if he’d won the lottery! At the time, that small kindness felt huge. In Harry’s mind, the interaction proved that a person’s perspective makes all the difference in their level of happiness. When Harry eventually pursued financial planning as a career, he used this perspective to keep him grounded. Harry wanted to manage his client’s accounts in a way that best serves their needs, not the needs of the corporations overseeing their money. His drive to make a change and his passion for education and helping people is what ultimately inspired him to start Humanity Wealth Advisors.

Bringing Generations Closer

Harry Sherdil founded Humanity Wealth Advisors with the dream of making financial education accessible to people across generations, classes, races, or backgrounds.

Harry believes one of the best things to come out of his career is meeting his junior partner, Nestor Belmonte. In keeping with this mission, Harry worked alongside Nestor to foster engagement across multiple generations and backgrounds.

At our core, we dream for a better world.

Now, following a fiduciary standard at an independent broker dealer, Harry and his junior partner, Nestor Belmote, are able to improve the customer experience by working together directly. With the same resources, tools, and research as the bigger firms but more freedom to do what’s in their client’s best interests, Harry is able to offer even greater value to existing and new clients.

We help you make more informed, customized financial decisions as we have many resources you may need under one roof.

Sound advice backed with a mission of inclusion.

If our mission aligns with your values and needs, we’d want to be your financial advisory team.

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