Protect Your Investments with Mobile Device Security

Protect Your Investments with Mobile Device Security

People are constantly on their mobile devices nowadays– everything they do primarily revolves around the efficiency of their mobile devices. However, people tend not to account for whether their mobile devices are safe. This starts with understanding the concept of mobile device security. 

What is mobile device security? 

  • You can think of mobile device security as a literal e-security guard for mobile devices.
  • It creates “protection walls” to keep a user’s confidential information safe when stored or transmitted by mobile devices. 
  • Mobile devices can include but are not limited to laptops, smartphones, tablets, & portable devices. 


Types of Mobile Device Security: 

You can utilize various methods to maintain your mobile device’s security. They include but are not limited to: 

Email Security: 

  • Email is the most popular way for hackers to spread malware 
  • The best method to safeguard email security would be to increase advanced threat protection capabilities:
    • Detect, block, and rescind threats quicker
    • Prevent data loss
    • Secure, confidential information with end-to-end encryption


  • It is an encrypted connection via the Internet – a portal to connect a device to the network.
  • Encrypted Connection makes sure that confidential information is transferred safely
  • Prevents people from being able to access a user’s e-traffic 

Endpoint Security: 

  • Is essentially a supervisor for networks 
  • Provides corporations with protection by supervising processes and file monitoring on every mobile device that accesses a network
  • Allows for threats to be found early on since endpoint security is always scanning for malicious threats 
  • If threats are found, security teams are alerted immediately 

Secure Web Gateway: 

  • These gateways provide cloud security 
  • It prevents unsafe internet traffic from finding a way into an organization’s internal network.
  • Defends against phishing and malware 
  • PRO: if an attack at one location is identified, a secure web gateway allows attacks at other locations to be prevented immediately [1] 

Primary Threats Associated with Mobile Security: 

These may include but are not limited to: 

  • Data Leakage 
  • Unsecured Wifi 
  • Network Spoofing 
  • Phishing Attacks 
  • Spyware 
  • Broken Cryptography 
  • Improper Session Handling 


Ultimately, implementing mobile device security into your lifestyle will protect your privacy and confidential information online. 

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