Financial Planning for Millennials

Financial Planning for Millennials

At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we have a special heart for helping millennials find financial freedom.

We know securing a great financial future for yourself is more than just cutting out lattes and avocado toast. We won’t harp on you or jump on any other millennial-dragging-bandwagon. What we will do is give you practical advice, answer your pressing money questions, and help you figure out how to build wealth on a millennial budget. At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we know that the financial lives of millennials are more complicated than the average finance guru would have you think, so instead of giving you the same old boring advice, we’ll give you tools that work and realistic steps to take.

Here are some of the ways Humanity can help you:

  • Develop a plan for paying off your debt quickly
  • Create a financial plan for the life you have now and the family you hope to have down the road
  • Make a retirement plan
  • Assess your retirement plan (401K) allocations to ensure you are invested in the right funds based to optimize your savings plans
  • Answer your financial questions in simple terms so you feel educated and confident about your financial choices
  • Get the professional advice you need at a price far lower than the industry standard
  • Make decisions about which financial goals to go after first and which to tackle simultaneously
  • Get the advice you need at a price and subscription model that makes the most sense for you