Get A Second Opinion With Online Subscription-Based Financial Planning For Individuals, Families, And Retirees

Get A Second Opinion With Online Subscription-Based Financial Planning For Individuals, Families, And Retirees

If you are looking for a new financial planner or just want a second opinion about how to invest in a volatile market, you may be wondering how to find a professional that is right for you and your family. If so, explore using an online subscription-based financial planning service. This helpful support is perfect if you’re:

  • Seeking a second opinion on your financial situation or investments
  • Are limited on funds
  • Are confused about who to trust 

This article is an introduction to online subscription-based financial planning for individuals, families, and retirees, explaining what this type of service is and why it can be helpful.

What is online subscription-based financial planning?

Online subscription-based financial planning is a service that allows you to receive personalized advice from a trained professional without having to pay large fees upfront or meet with them in person. Over time, you can collaborate with your advisor and begin asking questions about more complicated topics such as retirement planning and insurance needs. The benefits of this type of service include:

  • No minimum asset requirement: Many financial advisors have minimum asset requirements in order for you to use their services; however, with online subscription-based financial planning, there are no barriers preventing entry into the industry by anyone who wants help managing their money!
  • Financial literacy education: Subscription-based financial planners often offer sessions on how to spend your money best so that you’re getting quality products at good prices too. This valuable time often includes tips on budgeting and saving money, too, which means less stress during tax season when everything seems overwhelming!
  • You get to tell us what financial planning support you need and when you need it. At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we let you run the show. We will provide you with professional guidance along the way.

How a second opinion may help you start afresh

Financial advisors without a minimum asset requirement may be hard to find, but not impossible. Getting online financial advice is a great way to get a second opinion to receive outside help with your financial planning. It’s the concept of getting advice from someone who isn’t involved in the situation you are dealing with. 

Why should you get a second opinion?

There are many reasons why getting a second opinion is helpful:

  • You want to make sure that your DIY methods make sense before proceeding further.
  • You want more information so that you can make better decisions and avoid mistakes.
  • You need more guidance on what options are available and how to choose between them.
  • You question the current investment strategy of your current advisor.
  • You are looking to hire someone new because your life situation has changed.
  • You want to pay a low monthly fee for subscription-based financial planning to build a valued relationship over time without a serious commitment.

You can trust a financial planner without a minimum asset requirement at Humanity Wealth

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You are right if you think that you have to have a minimum asset requirement in order to work with most financial planners and advisors. By using subscription-based support that you can cancel at any time, you can learn about their intentions as you work together. 

A financial planner at Humanity Wealth can help you with your entire financial picture, covering everything from short-term goals like saving for a house, down payment, or buying a car, to long-term goals such as retirement planning and college funding.

Instead of getting paid through commission from the investments we recommend, you only need to pay $50 a month to work with one of our financial advisors, which are real humans dedicated to you! This allows you greater access without having an account minimum or making additional investments in expensive software packages or technology platforms.

Is your financial planning firm keeping up with the times?

A financial planner is a person who helps you organize and manage your money. They do this in many different ways, including:

  • Helping you create budgets and savings plans
  • Managing investments
  • Educating you on how to avoid predatory lenders and fraud

Financial planners also have different specialties. Some focus on retirement planning, while others specialize in estate planning or tax planning. A good financial planner should know all the different areas of finance and be able to help you with whatever challenge you face.

The best financial planners understand what is important to you

The best financial planners understand what is important to you. They know what your goals are, how much of your income goes toward living expenses, and when you can expect to retire. They ask questions about your financial situation, including what kinds of investments you have, how much debt you have outstanding and where it comes from, and whether or not you’re currently saving for retirement. 

An effective planner should also want to know about your financial needs—whether that means paying off student loans or buying a house—as well as what type of lifestyle changes could be necessary if an unexpected expense suddenly arises (like an emergency room visit). And finally, your planner should know the priorities in ways that align with yours so they can craft a plan accordingly. 

Get professional financial planning advice without emptying your wallet

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If you invest $50 monthly for affordable financial planning in the Bay Area with Humanity Wealth Advisors, there’s no need to worry about being penniless when it comes to getting advice on how best to manage your money.

You can collaborate with a financial planner without a minimum asset requirement on our team. Professional financial planners understand what is important to you and get professional advice without emptying your wallet. Online subscription-based financial planning is the answer if you want more out of your money. 

Get started with our complimentary consultation, and give us a call today!

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