Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Financial planning that checks dreams off your bucket list.

At Humanity Wealth Advisors, our mission is to help you pursue your biggest financial ambitions by giving you resources and financial education. With over 20+ years of experience in wealth management, we help you close the gap between your reality and the financial life you want. We’re in the financial industry because we’re passionate about helping people just like you.

There are a lot of financial advisors out there, and some, sadly, put their goals ahead of yours. Our relationship with you as a client isn’t a transactional one – we’re not going to try to sell you something and then send you on your way. Instead, we hope to connect with you through learning about your goals and unique situation. We want a real human connection, so we’ll give you our best, talk you through the financial planning process, and cheer you on as you pursue your goals.


Your bottom line is our top priority.

At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we value your success over everything else. We’re here to give you the education, experience, and resources you need to make your financial dreams a reality. Whether you need assistance with building and managing a financial plan or launching an investment strategy, our goal is to provide the highest possible service using a payment model that best fits your needs. We won’t sell you financial products you don’t need or give you advice that doesn’t fit your unique situation. We embrace a fiduciary standard and are beholden to what is best for you- always.

Fee-Only Services

We are compensated by charging a fee, not by selling you a financial product.

Flexible Design

Our pricing model includes three different options (hourly, subscription, and AUM), so you have options for meeting your unique financial planning needs.


Because we’re an independent firm, we have the freedom to do what’s best for our clients and help them achieve their goals.


You’ll get communication that is consistent and speaks to you in plain terms. We won’t talk at you. We won’t talk down to you. We’ll talk with you – regardless of your financial situation.

We’ll hold ourselves accountable and hold ourselves to a high standard at all times.

We’ll go above and beyond to be transparent with you. From pricing to financial advice, to the information we provide, we’ll tell it to you straight.


With over 20+ years of experience in wealth management, we help you close the gap between your reality and the financial life you want.


Our Complimentary eBook Offer: How Do Financial Advisors Get Paid?

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