How Proper Internet and Email Use Can Protect Your Finances

How Proper Internet and Email Use Can Protect Your Finances

The internet has become a part of our daily lives- we use it for everything from shopping and entertainment to research and education. However, most people don’t know the simple basics behind the internet and what it is; let’s find out more! 

What Is The Internet? 

Think of the internet like a massive party- there are so many different aspects to consider there, and while they’re not all interacting directly, their indirect communication allows for the party to stay “alive.” In this manner, that’s what the internet does- it’s basically the party host (global network) for billions of devices. 

The Internet may also be referred to as “going online”– this simply means that you’re now connected to the network (ie, have entered the party). 

  • Once you’re online, you can utilize a browser; a software application used to access web pages over the Internet on search engines, a software system that takes user input and searches a database of indexed web pages.
  • Typical search engines include: Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Browsers enable one to view web pages (HTML files), and search engines are the ones designed to discover and return web pages on the Internet

So now that you know some basics about the internet, we get to talk about one of its coolest features- email. In short, email is just a way to send and receive electronic mail over a network. 

Email Basics 

Email comes in two forms: 

  • Web Based Version: users log in through their browser of choice to access their email (i.e., Gmail) 
  • Client-Based Version: users install software to access emails from their local computer (i.e., Outlook) 

How Does Email Work? 

Email operates via two servers: 

  • The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is used for outgoing mail and contains information on email details 
  • Mail Transfer Agent, MTA: uses SMTP to deliver said emails
  • There are two types of MTA: client-based and web-based; this makes sense because of the two forms email exists in

Basically, once the “sent” button is hit, the email is routed from server to server via the SMTP until it leaves the client and arrives at the recipient’s server. While the full process entails a lot more, this is just an introduction to the basics to get you familiarized with a general gist of how the network works and communicates. 

How To Stay Safe On The Internet? 

  • Keep your personal information private
  • Protect personal information with a password
  • Make sure your devices are secure
  • Stay on top of software updates
  • Stay cautious of your wifi connection if you’re using public wifi
  • Back up personal data

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