Who We Serve

From multi-millionaires to financial planning newbies – we have the ability to serve them all.

Who We Serve

We don’t require minimum assets

Most financial advisory firms require an asset minimum to access their services. Not us. If you want to create financial confidence and learn about money along the way, then you’re our kind of client. Bottom line: we’re here to help you, regardless of how much money you make. We want to help you build a financial life to be proud of no matter where you’re starting from.


We believe that if we create an environment of inclusion, then good things will follow suit. No matter your background, your race, your class, or anything else, we believe you deserve access to a financial education and professionals who have your best in mind. We’ll work to make you feel included, represented, and heard in your financial planning journey.

We Promise

Communication you can count on. Accountability with each action we take. Transparency in everything we do.

I Need Help Planning My Future

Humanity Wealth Advisors specializes in helping young families establish a financial plan that sets them up for success. We know how important it is to...
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I Need Help Managing My Investments

Humanity Wealth Advisors focus on helping women who have either recently divorced or have lost a spouse. We know this is a time of major...
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I Need a Retirement Strategy

Humanity Wealth Advisors focus on helping people in pre and post-retirement manage their investments so they’re able to enjoy the best parts of life knowing...
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I Need Help Scaling My Business

Humanity Wealth Advisors focus on helping young professionals and small business owners understand their wealth management needs and get on the right path to financial...
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Financial Planning for Millennials

At Humanity Wealth Advisors, we have a special heart for helping millennials find financial freedom. We know securing a great financial future for yourself is...
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I Need Help Passing My Wealth to Others

Humanity Wealth Advisors focus on helping adults at all stages establish financial legacies and create estate plans. We know you want to spend your time...
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Our Complimentary eBook Offer: How Do Financial Advisors Get Paid?

There is a number of factors to consider when choosing your financial advisor. One of the most important is how they are compensated. Read our free guide for advice on what questions to ask.